The Pioneer Mutual Hook and Ladder Society/Sacramento Regional Fire Museum is, dedicated to the preservation of fire service history in the Sacramento Region, by collecting, restoring significant artifacts, documents, equipment and other historical pieces for preservation and display, and providing education to the public on fire safety and the fire service in general, by conducting educational programs of its own or partnering with other fire service organizations. 


Pioneer Mutual Hook and Ladder Society (PMHLS) is a tax exempt historical society dedicated to all firefighters. PMHLS was founded on April 24, 1990 to establish a fire museum in Sacramento, California. As reflected by its name, the society honors the first organized Sacramento Fire Company, Mutual Hook & Ladder Company #1, formed on February 5, 1850.


Fire safety education is a major part of our mission. In addition to preserving sharing the history of firefighters in the Sacramento region, we partner with fire safety organizations to put on fire safety programs for youth.

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